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Based in Hong Kong and the UK

WE provide hassle-free solution from

inspired design to superb execution for your

overseas exhibition and event marketing.

Image by Scott Webb

#Offices in Hong Kong and the UK

response promptly from different time zones

#Over 20 Years Experience

in global exhibition and event marketing

#Close-to-venue Production

to reduce freight cost

#Environmental Sustainability & CO2 Emission 

are somethings WE do care about

#Professional Services

from inspired design to superb execution

#Active Listening

from co-ordination to on-site support

#One-stop and Hassle-free Solution

trusted by global customers

#Best Value for Money

to maximize your return of investment

Why WE?

WE Provide Full Range of Services

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Free design proposal

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Scrutinizing drawing and graphic files

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Risk assessment on project execution

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Go Green option

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Quotation with
close-to-venue production

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On-site support and supervision

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Innovative display solutions

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Statics structural engineering

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Contingency plan



“Although the setup time for the hotel event is very short, you have done a very good job.  Our team is very happy about the quality of the production as well.” 

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Talk to WE

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+852 3588 1741

We will respond to you within 1 working day


En appuyant sur le bouton « Soumettre », vous acceptez donc notre politique de confidentialité

Thank you for your enquiry.  We will reply you shortly.

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